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No Time for Sleep

All of the first three stories have gone live in the ebook universes of Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  There’s still so much work to do. The next story in this series is “Gone With the Wind”. Right now the story is planted in my head and only 20% is on paper.

You writers know that 20% unedited work really means that you are 0% done, and I thought I’d be further than that now. I’ve learned that when launching a book, this self publishing thing is all-consuming and I launched three at one time.  *Kinda Kicking Myself* So this means almost no time to do anything else .

Let me take a moment to highlight something interesting. These pumpkin stories are humorous. The next one,  GWTW, continues the humor trend while moving further away from fartaculating. Those of you who’ve read the Chicken might understand what that means. GWTW is a funny thrill ride which tugs at emotions more than the other stories.

Outside of this series I’m developing my first full length book which happens to be the polar opposite of the pumpkin series. Although there will moments of humor in this book, its all serious.

Gotta get back to work.

#Self Published Dude who Never Sleeps

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