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The Flatulent Pumpkin, where we trick children into learning, one story at a time!

Welcome to the world of the Flatulent Pumpkin. Its a fun world and magic. Of course there’s flatulence, but most of the time, almost all of the time, the huge orange vegetable did it, then did it again.

These stories are funny, unpredictable and more complex than your average child’s story. They are entertaining and captures the attention so well that children are tricked into learning lessons on character. Each story has its own theme. I’ll let you figure the theme to the first one. In the second story its easy to notice that the courage and responsibility of one individual saves the entire town. The third story has one of my favorite characters of all times. Since I’m trying to keep this the “no spoil zone”, I’ll leave you to find these lessons without me spoiling it for you.

These stories are not about human flatulence. They are more creative than that.

So let’s recap:

1. Flatulent Pumpkin stories are about magic!
2. Flatulent Pumpkin stories are entertaining!
3. Flatulent Pumpkin stories provides teaching moments!
4. Flatulent Pumpkin stories will make you laugh!
5. Flatulent Pumpkin stories are unpredictable!
6. There are three available and four more are planned.

These Creating stories about that would be no fun at all. Pumpkin stories are more creative than that.

One more thing! Here are one word titles of each story in order:

1. Pumpkin

2. Chicken

3. Fart


4. Wind

5. Downwind

6. Cheese


All for now!

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I’ll Fart for You

Message I received last Thursday:

Dear Mr. Rodney, Daddy told me you were writing a book about flatulence. I just wanted to let you know, if you needed someone to do sound effects, I’m a girl who can fart on demand. Daddy made me prove it twice before I could send this message. Call me 🙂

Don’t tell anyone, girls fart too.

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Teaser from the Case of the Plucked Chicken

The Sheriff walked down the street thinking that he had to solve this case no matter what, and he had to do it fast. These runaway chickens were making it especially hard on the women. Some of them were being treated for a new condition the Doctor called ‘chickalunacy.’ This condition made them faint whenever they saw a chicken, someone asked them to cook chicken or make a chicken sandwich. There was a much more serious condition which made women run as fast as they could whenever they saw a chicken or heard someone say the word “chicken.” This might not seem so bad, but women were running into things and hurting themselves. The Doctor had named this condition ‘roosterrunaphobia’. There were so many cases of roosterrunaphobia, the hospital was completely full.

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