About Magical Pumpkin Books

You’ve heard parents say ‘I’ll do anything to get my son to read’. Finally there’re positive, funny stories, which are complex but keeps them interested and build character. They’re never offensive. Middle grade girls and boys, parents, teachers and reluctant readers will keep coming back for more stories.

The Magical Flatulent Pumpkin stories are so entertaining you’ll be amazed at how well the stories teach character.

Book #1 is The Magical Flatulent Pumpkin – Responsibility & Family
Book #2 is The Case of the Plucked Chicken – Courage & Responsibility
Book #3 The Fart WHO Came to Dinner – Manners & Respect for Others
Book #4 Gone with the Wind – Heartwarming story too awesome for one sentence!


The Case of the Plucked Chicken will be the first international book launch on September 1, 2016. Enter one of the four contest or join the book launch team. Click ‘Book Launch” on the menu above.


One response to “About Magical Pumpkin Books

  1. Eve

    Applause! Applause! Finally something I can give to son and not want cringe. The stories are hilarious and unlike any story I’ve read! I love how the chickens would appear wanting to get cooked in The Case of the Plucked Chicken. The sheriff’s growth in courage was a perfect demonstration on how one grows to make good decisions. These are stories showing character growth, courage and problems solving skills.

    If you have boys, your sons will crack up reading this series and teach them how to Man Up. Share these books with other moms. They will thank you!


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